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Personal & Leadership Development

Clint Hatton is an author, speaker, transformational leadership coach, and the Founder of BigBoldBrave in McKinney, Texas.

I’ve trained over 8000 leaders.

My clients have included Fortune 50 and 150 companies with a track record for creating energy, dynamic content, and equipping audiences with tools that transform their lives.

I help humans develop courage, creative genius, and compassion to live Big, Bold, and Brave!

Clint was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Leadership Award as a Global Influencer by iChange Nations and is the author of the book Big Bold Brave - How to Live Courageously in a Risky World.

Even the most successful people struggle with fear, gratitude, making courageous decisions, managing a healthy, fluid balance in family, business, and relationships, and being clear about what they really want out of life.

The BigBoldBrave mission is to train/develop Courageous Humans that live Inspiring Lives and have a massive impact on the world around them!

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your special event, conference, or team training, your conference attendees or organization will walk away inspired and with the tools they need to live the life they were created to lead - Big, Bold, and Brave! 

"Clint spoke to an employee resource group of Working Parents and Caregivers about how to manage fear and live courageously. For a group of people always trying to balance the importance of family with the demands of work, Clint’s message and strategies were well received and gave the attendees new perspective for how to prioritize and set boundaries. The talk was inspiring and the handout materials provided afterwards gave each person tangible work they could do in their own lives to begin to live more courageously. I received several compliments and messages of thanks from colleagues in the days following Clint’s talk."
Julie Catalano
Proposal Manager
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

*Talk Topics 



Learning to stack courageous decisions that will change your life.


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Evaluation: Am I courageous or a coward?

  • The relationship between your emotions, thought patterns, and actions. 

  • Turning failure into a pattern for success.

  • 5 Step process to stacking courageous decisions.


Learning to tap into the creative genius already in you!


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Evaluation: Can I really be a creative genius?

  • The science of creative genius and how it was stolen from you. 

  • Recovering and developing your creative genius.

  • How Neurodiversity can bring a gift to the world and your business.



How attacking fear the moment it hits can change your life.

Talking points include the following and more...

  • Recognizing the difference between natural and unnatural fears.

  • Overcoming the debilitating effects of fear.

  • Training yourself to change the narrative with your fears.

  • Making courageous decisions.

  • Turning fear of the unknown into excitement for the possibilities!


Turning adversity into a catalyst.

Talking points include the following and more...​

  • The difference between a Life or Death mentality.

  • Inviting others into your pain or loss.

  • Using your trial as an opportunity to release hope and inspire others.

  • How pain is necessary for new growth.

  • Why pain is necessary for you to achieve great things


Learning to remain at peace in the chaos of life and business.


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Techniques to respond to chaos rather than react.

  • A 5-step strategy to process big or difficult decisions.

  • Giving yourself the gift of forgiveness.



Establishing your life message.

Talking points include the following and more...

  •  The difference between your stated values and the ones you actually live by.

  • Aligning your values with your mission and passion.

  • Living out your eulogy, each day!



How gratefulness shapes your life.

Talking points include the following and more...

  • Why gratitude matters.

  • The relationship between living at peace and gratefulness.

  • How gratitude in even your darkest moments can bring back the light.


Talk 1: Creating a Servant Leadership lifestyle.

Talk 2: Creating a Servant Leadership culture in an organization.


Talking points include...​

  • The Characteristics of a Servant Leader.

  • The Explosive Potential of Collaboration.

  • Why Celebrating with others is way better than celebrating alone.



Exchanging the life you have for the life you want.


Talking points include the following and more:

  • Why my life is not what I wanted (and who is to blame).

  • The fears that keep me stuck in mediocrity.

  • Telling myself a new story.

  • Forming new mindsets that serve the future I desire.


Setting Your Boundaries - Setting Your Limits


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Why do boundaries matter?

  • Evaluating the parasites that suck the life out of you.

  • My Capacity for Greatness - My Top 5 Relationships.

  • Taking back my destiny.

*These are just some of the topics Clint can speak on. All talks are customizable for your specific audience and goals.

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