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Clint, thank you for bringing your authentic self to our event and demonstrating inspiration and motivation to my team from a place of tragic and life altering loss.  Your message to me and my team around living courageously, maximizing our creative genius, and never letting a day go by where we haven’t expressed our love to as many humans as possible through compassion was exactly what we all needed to hear.  You made us better and we appreciate you!
David Lopez
Regional Vice President
South Central Region 
Starbucks Coffee Company

Clint Hatton is a renowned author, speaker, and transformational leadership coach, and Founder of BigBoldBrave, headquartered in McKinney, Texas. BigBoldBrave was inspired by the life of Clint’s oldest son Gabriel, a 17 year old licensed pilot who tragically died in a plane crash in 2019.

Clint's journey has seen him train and empower over 8000 leaders, touching a diverse range of clients from non-profit organizations to Fortune 150 companies, including industry giants like Starbucks Coffee Company and Westinghouse Electric. His dedication to leadership excellence has left an indelible mark on his corporate clients through his inspiration.

Clint is also partnered with Excellent Cultures, Inc. - with over 36 years of serving businesses from startup to Fortune 50 companies. Much like doctors and sports medicine professionals use X-Rays, MRI’s and the like to get to the root causes of various health challenges and opportunities to maximize performance, the seasoned professionals at Excellent Cultures use similar tools to create scalable returns for their clients quickly. Our Team includes battle-tested executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with over 400 years of collective experience who have run multiple businesses and guided thousands of leaders through data-driven processes to sustainable success. Click the button for more information:


In 2017, Clint Hatton received the prestigious Distinguished Leadership Award as a Global Influencer from iChange Nations, a testament to his global impact and commitment to transformational leadership.

An accomplished author, Clint penned the book "Big Bold Brave - How to Live Courageously in a Risky World," sharing his profound insights on living fearlessly and developing resilience to embrace life's challenges head-on.

At the heart of BigBoldBrave's mission lies the empowerment of individuals to shatter barriers, conquer challenges, and fearlessly navigate the journey of life. This mission is driven by these core values encapsulated by the 5 C's:

Courage: Encouraging individuals to step into their God-given courage and conquer every form of fear.
Creative Genius: Inspiring innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.
Compassion: Fostering empathy and understanding in leadership.
Collaboration: Promoting teamwork and cooperative efforts.
Conscious: Encouraging self-awareness in leadership practices.

Clint Hatton's relentless pursuit of excellence and his commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to be Big, Bold, and Brave have made him a prominent figure in the world of transformational leadership. 

*Talk Topics 



Unveiling the Art of Stacking Courageous Decisions.


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Evaluation: Am I courageous or a coward?

  • The relationship between your emotions, thought patterns, and actions. 

  • Turning failure into a pattern for success.

  • 5 Step process to stacking courageous decisions.


Tapping Into the Creative Genius Already in You!


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Evaluation: Can I really be a creative genius?

  • The science of creative genius and how it was stolen from you. 

  • Recovering and developing your creative genius.

  • How Neurodiversity can bring a gift to the world and your business.



Crushing Fear at Its Inception.

Talking points include the following and more...

  • Recognizing the difference between natural and unnatural fears.

  • Overcoming the debilitating effects of fear.

  • Training yourself to change the narrative with your fears.

  • Making courageous decisions.

  • Turning fear of the unknown into excitement for the possibilities!


Turning Adversity Into a Catalyst.

Talking points include the following and more...​

  • The difference between a Life or Death mentality.

  • Inviting others into your pain or loss.

  • Using your trial as an opportunity to release hope and inspire others.

  • How pain is necessary for new growth.

  • Why pain is necessary for you to achieve great things


Aligning Purpose and Practice.

Talking points include the following and more...

  •  The difference between your stated values and the ones you actually live by.

  • Aligning your values with your mission and passion.

  • Living out your eulogy, each day!



How gratefulness shapes your life.

Talking points include the following and more...

  • Why gratitude matters.

  • The relationship between living at peace and gratefulness.

  • How gratitude in even your darkest moments can bring back the light.


Talk 1: Creating a Servant Leadership lifestyle.

Talk 2: Creating a Servant Leadership culture in an organization.


Talking points include...​

  • The Characteristics of a Servant Leader.

  • The Explosive Potential of Collaboration.

  • Why Celebrating with others is way better than celebrating alone.


Getting off the Treadmill

Exchanging the life you have for the life you want.


Talking points include the following and more:

  • Why my life is not what I wanted (and who is to blame).

  • The fears that keep me stuck in mediocrity.

  • Telling myself a new story.

  • Forming new mindsets that serve the future I desire.


Setting Your Limits - Clarifying Expectations


Talking points include the following and more...

  • Why do boundaries matter?

  • Evaluating the parasites that suck the life out of you.

  • My Capacity for Greatness - My Top 5 Relationships.

  • Taking back my destiny.

*These are just some of the topics Clint can speak on. All talks are customizable for your specific audience and goals.

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