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From the Founder

I have been deliriously happily married for 20 years to my beautiful bride, Amárillys, and a proud dad to three amazing boys (Gabriel, Joel, and Liam). They are my greatest joy and inspiration.

I’ve trained over 8000 leaders.

My clients have included Fortune 50 and 150 companies with a track record for creating energy, dynamic content, and equipping audiences with tools that transform their lives.

I help humans develop courage, creative genius, and compassion to live Big, Bold, and Brave!

I was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Leadership Award as a Global Influencer by iChange Nations and am the author of the book Big Bold Brave - How to Live Courageously in a Risky World.


A little more of my story:
I have lived a very layered life. I've had some amazing life experiences and wins! I've also had some tough trials and suffered from hard losses.

I bet you have too. 

From being a former drug addict and divorced in my late twenties to a pastor to losing my 17-year-old son in a tragic plane crash in 2019 (read more about Gabriel on The Inspiration page) to inspiring people to be courageous humans.

At 12 years old I faced living with a mother that suffered from suicidal ideation, which on two occasions almost cost me my life.

From my teens into my late twenties I overcame drug abuse, including a nine year stretch of using Meth.

During our marriage together, Amárillys and I have experienced a miscarriage and two sons born prematurely (Gabriel at 3 lbs 12 ozs & Liam at 1 lb 14 ozs) because a pregnancy disease threatened her life and theirs. While giving birth to our middle son Joel, Amárillys went full-term but had great difficulty waking up from the anesthesia. We almost lost her, again.

Even the most successful people in the world have struggles that include devastating blows, setbacks, fear, gratitude, making courageous decisions, and being clear about what they REALLY want out of life.

I am passionate about pursuing a growth mindset... personally, relationally, and professionally no matter what challenges come my way.

I am committed to help you recognize and develop your innate courage, creative genius, and compassion so that you will have a radical impact on this planet!

If you have a strong desire to do the same for other humans, let’s connect! 

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