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From the Founder

From being a former drug addict and divorced in my late twenties to a pastor to losing my 17-year-old son in a tragic plane crash to inspiring people to be courageous humans. I have lived a very layered life.

At 12 years old I faced living with a mother that suffered from suicidal ideation, which on two occasions almost cost me my own life.

During our 20-year marriage together, Amárillys and I have experienced a miscarriage and two sons born prematurely (Gabriel at 3 lbs 12 ozs & Liam at 1 lb 14 ozs) because of her life (and theirs) being threatened by a pregnancy disease. While giving birth to our middle son Joel, we had another close call as she had great difficulty waking up from the anesthesia.

There have been many other scary moments and setbacks. There have also been some amazing experiences and victories!

I am an author, speaker, and transformational leadership coach, and Founder of BigBoldBrave. BigBoldBrave was inspired by the life of my oldest son Gabriel, a 17 year old licensed pilot who tragically died in a plane crash in 2019 (click on the Inspiration button below for more about Gabriel's story).

During my journey I have trained and empowered over 8000 leaders, touching a diverse range of clients from non-profit organizations to Fortune 150 companies, including industry giants like Starbucks Coffee Company and Westinghouse Electric. My dedication to leadership excellence has left an indelible mark on my corporate clients. 

I am also a Team Member with Excellent Cultures, Inc. - with over 36 years of serving businesses from startup to Fortune 50 companies. Much like doctors and sports medicine professionals use X-Rays, MRI’s and the like to get to the root causes of various health challenges and opportunities to maximize performance, the seasoned professionals at Excellent Cultures use similar tools to create scalable returns for their clients quickly. Our Team includes battle-tested executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with over 400 years of collective experience who have run multiple businesses and guided thousands of leaders through data-driven processes to sustainable success. Click the button for more information:

In 2017, I received the prestigious Distinguished Leadership Award as a Global Influencer from iChange Nations, for my global impact and commitment to transformational leadership.

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