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BigBoldBrave Transformational Coaching


Core Values

We believe BIG ideas come from our creative nature.

We take BOLD actions that align with our mission.

We have BRAVE attitudes when the storms of adversity hit.

We LOVE humans - everyone brings value and has a story that matters.

We value COLLABORATION - Nobody impacts the world without the help of others, Big Bold Brave is about US!

What I Believe About All Humans

I believe every human was created to be courageous.

I believe every human was created with a creative genius.

I believe every human was created to be compassionate.

What I Do

Clint has trained over 8000 leaders with a track record for creating energy, delivering dynamic content, and giving audiences the tools to transform their lives immediately and live... Big, Bold, and Brave!

Every human being will face adversity in life, relationships, business, their health, personal growth, and finances. I have discovered that even though it is impossible to know when or how hard adversity will hit, there are foundational mindsets, values, and character traits that will empower you to recover from even the most devastating blows and thrive again. I have employed these in my personal and professional life so I don't just teach power points or theory, but sincere and timetested life application as well as cutting edge methods and exercises emerging in the world of Neuroscience.. 

The BigBoldBrave mission is to train/develop Courageous Humans that live Inspiring Lives and have a massive impact on the world around them!

My Why

BigBoldBrave was birthed out of suffering my greatest personal loss. I had a choice to allow the pain of losing my 17 year old son in a tragic plane crash to cripple my life or to choose to attack life as he did, Big, Bold, and Brave!


Download My 5-Step Guide to Courageous Decisions here

Humans are capable of overcoming insurmountable odds when they make a courageous decision to do so. What holds most people back is some form of fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of extreme loss or disappointment, or simply fear of judgement and self-doubt. These fears can become weights that will drag you down and keep you from getting lift off.  Listen, it's ok to feel fear, but not ok to allow fear to stop you from living!


BigBoldBrave will help you:
Learn how to make strong, courageous decisions and commit to them in the face of adversity.
Step out of your comfort zone and be consistent in a willingness to have courageous conversations!
Take strong actions that align with your values and desires!  


If you don't learn these skills...your dreams and desires will die with your imagination and you will succeed at failing.


BigBoldBrave will help you:

Develop healthy communication strategies by creating a culture of mutual honor. 
Learn to exchange feelings of unmet expectations for clearly stated desires and find appreciation for the value every relationship carries. 
Whether married or single, coaching can help you replace beliefs and communication patterns that are sabotaging your ability to have a true connection with others.


And the most significant key to fulfilling relationships  - becoming a person YOU would want to be in a relationship with!

The BigBoldBrave coaching method will also address:

How to consistently make courageous decisions that will alter the course of your life.
How to discover and develop your unique creative genius.
How to expand your ability to be compassionate and make a difference.
How to eat fear for breakfast! Hint: it takes daily strategies!
How to get off the hamster wheel and define what you really want out of life.
How to establish your legacy and influence what will people say about you when your gone. 
How to harness the power of gratefulness in any circumstance.
How to create a Servant Leader lifestyle or culture within an organization.
How to build healthy relational boundaries and be empowered to remove the parasites sucking the life out of you!
How to take an average marriage and turn it into an elite marriage. 

Schedule a free 30 minute phone or Zoom call to find out if we are a good fit for each other to help you reach your goals! Contact info below:

“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”

‭‭Book of Wisdom

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