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Photo of the book, Big Bold Brave - How to Live Courageously in a Rsiky World

 BIG BOLD BRAVE calls you to live a courageous life! Every human is uniquely created to be courageous, creative, compassionate, collaborative, and conscious . If you burn with a desire to fulfill your purpose, overcome every obstacle our dynamic world throws at you, and inspire others, this book is for you!
Clint Hatton shares the mindsets, insights, and character traits that have empowered him and his family to rise from the ashes of the tragic death of their seventeen-year-old son, Gabriel, and continue to chase their dreams.
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Mountain Ridge

Learn How To

  • Distinguish between natural and unnatural fears

  • Turn your pain from loss or extreme disappointment into a catalyst

  • Remain in a state of gratefulness, joy, and hope despite your circumstances

  • Recognize opportunities and possibilities where others see closed doors

  • Develop your character to love and serve others and live a fulfilling life

  • … and much more

What they are saying...

Big, Bold, Brave will help you align your dreams, goals, and habits. You will find your breakthrough within these hands-on experiences. Written from the heart, the life lessons in this book contain the power to change the course of your life!
Hans Gijsbertsen Founder/CEO Bonjoy

I’m convinced that nothing impacts the heart and brings greater transformation than a story. No fact or statistic is more convincing than a story. And the greatest stories seem to have had the greatest cost. Clint gives you a powerful story, his family’s story, that came at the greatest cost. He has mined deep into the cave of his pain to bring forth gold for all of us. After reading his book, I discovered how fear was affecting my own life in parenting—consciously and subconsciously limiting my own adult kids. Not anymore. Clint’s book and response to pain has transformed that part of me to keep inspiring those I love to live Big, Bold and Brave.  
Me Ra Koh | Co-Founder | FIORIA

There are some educational courses that we would never sign up for by choice. The assignment that was given to this family is one of those. The trial of losing a child, an outstanding, gifted, and high achieving child, is one of the most difficult journeys we can walk through. I have watched this family walk through this journey with the pain and process that would be expected. The difference is that many do not survive. Clint Hatton came through this challenge and wrote a book about it. A book that allows all of us a look inside the painful process and teach us the way to come out boldly and walking in victory. In Big, Bold and Brave, Clint offers us a gift. You can read the book and learn the lesson of it to better prepare you for a life that can come at us hard. I believe we will all be better after joining the Hatton’s on this journey.
Mike Hayes | Founder/President | Churches in Covenant International 

Clint’s ability to communicate the heartbreaking, life changing emotions of having a great loss in life is very touching. Big, Bold and Brave is inspirational and should help the reader live a more positive, productive life, with less fear. The book is captivating, easy to read and understand. The book makes me feel better equipped to help my patients through traumatic events that have occurred in their lives. -
J. M. Stanton, DO, FAOCA | Chief of Staff | Baylor, Scott and White Medical Center - Trophy Club

Clint is a top-shelf communicator with an uncanny ability to articulate some of life’s most complex issues. He has a unique way of leading his readers to incredible ah-ha moments. Big, Bold, and Brave gives language and Solomon-like wisdom to one of the deepest mysteries of our human experience—personal tragedy. I was taken on a journey through raw emotions and disappointment into a land full of hope and a future. Quite frankly, my belief system will never be the same. Thank you, Clint, for making the veil between heaven and earth much thinner. 
Ray Goolsby BLN Coach Bethel Leaders Network

Life is short. If you’ve ever lost a loved one you know exactly how precious and short life really is. Yet, most of us go through life playing it safe, letting our fears get the best of us, and allowing them to prevent us from living a life of peace, purpose, and love. Author, Clint Hatton, knows all too well the pain of loss after losing his teenage son in 2019, yet despite the tragedy, he decided to confront the fear and live a courageous life. He shares powerful lessons and heartfelt stories of his journey along the way, and how he chose to give his pain a purpose by choosing to live Big Bold Brave. If he can do it, you can too!”
Michelle Prince CEO | Performance Publishing Group

Clint takes the reader on an incredibly powerful journey through his own family’s trials to show us all that Big, Bold, Brave is the only choice to make in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations! It was just what I needed - a must read!! 
John Albers President/CEO Albers Aerospace 

Big, Bold, and Brave is a compelling call for us to step up and out - to follow the call God has for each of us, and to pursue it with urgency. Clint reminds us that tomorrow is not promised, so live on purpose today. I appreciate Clint’s vulnerability, emotion, honesty, and courage. Clint will challenge you to reflect, assess, and commit to becoming your best version of yourself day to day. I was moved by Clint’s story, words, and courage, and know others will be as well.  
David Hollie District Manager Starbucks

It’s a book everyone who doubts if God is real needs to read. It‘s a journey in experiencing God’s hand on a family during their great trials as He brings them through it. The outcome is a life of love, understanding, and peace. A great read.
Ola B. Madsen Founder/President | Adventures in Total Development, LLC 

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