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BIG BOLD BRAVE calls you to live a courageous life! Every human is uniquely

created to fulfill a divine purpose. If you burn with a desire to inspire others and

overcome every obstacle our dynamic world throws at you, this book is for you.


Clint Hatton shares the mindsets, insights, and character traits that have

empowered him and his family to rise from the ashes of the tragic death of their

seventeen-year-old son, Gabriel, and continue to chase their dreams.


Learn how to:

• Distinguish between natural and unnatural fears.

• Turn your pain from loss or extreme disappointment into a catalyst.

• Remain in a state of gratefulness, joy, and hope despite your circumstances.

• Recognize opportunities and possibilities where others see closed doors.

• Develop your character to love and serve others and live a fulfilling life.

• … and much more.


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